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St Paul's Anglican Church

Extensive renovations to a dilapidated timber hall, a 50 space car park, an internal courtyard (that drew together 3 totally different buildings) and interior works to a heritage sandstone church.

The original property included a range of eclectic buildings that all in need of an upgrade and a means to unified. We designed a roof with skylights to unite the buildings which also created a weather proof atrium. The external wall of the church, has now become an internal feature of the atrium, creating a warm and a timeless design. The building renovation also included new carpet and the installation of LED lights that allowed for mood and functional lighting. The separate 106 year old timber hall was resurrected to its original 1906 Federation Period with a modern twist. We designed a mezzanine level that allowed administration space for the church; while allowing for a pilot primary school to occupy the lower level.

Project Gallery

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