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All Saints Anglican Church Balgowlah

Outcome is a unified spaces with a modern twist to the existing church building. Re positioning some of the existing stained glass windows has created a feature where the new meets the old.

To design and create multipurpose, welcoming, attractive and functional space with a fresh contemporary feel, which marry the existing parts of the complex with the new elements, working within a tight budget. To create internal spaces which enhance the Gospel message by establishing an open, transparent, contemporary and inviting church complex which is in keeping with a building that is used by the public.

The interior spaces should speak of us being a church that is looking to the future but respects the past. The interior design needed to maximise the functionality of the building, using spaces creatively and choosing floor coverings, finishes etc which enhance versatility. A safe interior spaces that meet the laws applicable to us and consider the wellbeing of all those who visit, particularly the young, the old and the disabled.

Choices need to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing, be practical for cleaning and maintenance and meet with acoustic needs where relevant. Finishes must be of a quality that has longevity and able to withstand our corrosive harbour side environment, and take into account the needs of both the church family and hall renters

Project Gallery

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